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Jenkai leases servers in two U.S. locations, one in the East and one in the West. Our two data centres feature state-of-the-art multi-phase power redundancy, industrial-quality cooling, state-of-the-art security, fire suppression and power generation systems. They are located in the richest traffic distribution points in the United States.

Our data centres were designed and are currently maintained by highly-trained network architects who have designed our network from the ground up to resist failure while allowing the flexibility to easily scale as our customers needs increase.


  • Closed, private data center facilities
  • CCTV Surveillance and biometric access control (Western data centre)
  • Powerful industrial class generators
  • Fault-tolerant power redundancy
  • N+1 and redundant AC/DC UPS Power
  • Liebert temperature-controlled server environment, industrial cooling capacity
  • Technical staff on premises | 24/7 monitoring

Our Network

The core of our data centre's network is powered by multiple Cisco Catalyst 6500 multilayer switches with top-of-the-line Supervisor 720-3BXL cards. These handle traffic rates as high as 720 Gigabits per second. This is augmented by a Juniper routing system where appropriate.
  • Cisco and Juniper based network core
  • Bandwidth from multiple Tier 1 providers including: Savvis, PCCW/BTN and XO Communications
  • Multiple Redundant fiber connections
  • Tremendous scalability
  • Physical & geographic provider redundancy
  • Locations in the eastern and western U.S. enable connectivity to hundreds of top providers

99.9% Uptime - Reliability Guaranteed!

Our data centre's network delivers world-class speed, redundancy and capacity using:
  • Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol (RSTP)
  • Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP)
  • Cisco Netflow

With advanced features such as QoS, your business website is guaranteed to have the available speed, bandwidth and RAM. And with QoS, content-switching and load-balancing features we can guarantee uptime by allowing multiple servers to function as one server.